Jess Aldeghi, AKA Toad, is an artist, astrologer and teacher living in Humboldt County, California. She has been an artist all her life, experimenting in different mediums, and studied printmaking at The University of her Arts in Philadelphia.

After being trained in various forms of yoga and living briefly abroad, she moved to the west coast in 2011 where she found her unique artistic style amongst the giant redwoods and rocky-coastlines of Northern California.

Around this time she began her study of the ancient language of the Tarot, and her curiosity lead her deeper and deeper into traditional astrology and hermetic theory.

Over the years she has found a style of intuitive reading as unique as her artistic style, combining tarot, Hellenistic Astrology, and channeled messages. Toad lives with her husband, Josh and 8 year old son, Miki. Toad was a nickname given to her by her older brother when she was 14. It stuck, and has since taken on much significance.