Psychic-Intuitive Tarot and Hellenistic Astrology

60 minute personal readings


During a general reading with Toad she will use a combination of tarot cards and ancient Hellenistic astrology to channel messages, offering you a glimpse beyond the veil and guidance along the bumpy Road of Life. Click the button above to book a reading.

Hellenistic Astrology

60 minute Natal Chart readings


Get a break-down of your birth chart, ancient astrology style! Using a combination of ancient and modern techniques and tools, Toad offers you a better understanding of your personal astrology, the collective and the cosmos.

Click the button above to book a reading with Toad.

Astrological Art Commissions

Original Artwork based on a birth or event chart

Starting at $100

Using the same frequency that she uses to channel messages in her readings, Toad will make an artistic representation of your birth chart, the birth chart of someone you love, or the chart of a special day or moment in your life. If you decide to commission a piece, you will first sit down with Toad in person or over video to go over the chart, what your ideas are, and what you can get with your budget. Click the button at the top of the page to contact Toad and start the conversation about your Astro-chart commission!

One-on-one Tarot lessons

$150 per 2 hour lesson

For more info on private tarot lessons, click the “book a reading” button at the top of the page to contact Toad.